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Arborvitae Trees

Evergreen trees or American Arborvitae are great for creating privacy along the front of a home. These perennial trees retain their green throughout the seasons here on Long Island. These trees can provide a barrier to providing privacy and add to the beauty of your property. 

Choosing the right tree for privacy enhances your home while embracing nature. Arborvitae's are the perfect choice. With their year round green and quick growth, they can be planed on side yards, back yards, front yards. With their predictable growth they can be planted along property lines and fences.

Year-Round Privacy:  Having privacy all year round is one of the main benefits of evergreen trees. Many local laws prohibit the use of fencing over three feet tall in front yards, plus a large fence along the front yard may not be as appealing. Evergreen trees are a great option. Evergreens keep their foliage throughout the year, providing a constant screen that keeps prying eyes out of your home, in contrast to deciduous trees or shrubs that lose their leaves in the fall.

Design benefits: Evergreens offers homeowners a lot of options to fit their tastes and needs because they are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Evergreen species can be chosen to match the architectural design of your home and landscape design ranging from bushy junipers to tall, thin arborvitae.

Low Maintenance: Evergreens are known for requiring little upkeep. Once established, they frequently need little pruning or care, which makes them a great option for homeowners who want a private, lush front yard without having to do a lot of maintenance.

Sound Barrier: Evergreens can reduce noise from surrounding streets or neighbors in addition to providing visual isolation. These plants' dense foliage serves to absorb and deflect sound waves, making the area surrounding your house quieter and more serene.

Energy Efficiency: You can lessen the effects of strong winds by carefully placing evergreens around the front of your house. By reducing heat loss during the colder months, can possibly improve your home's energy efficiency in addition to improving comfort.

Enhanced Curb Appeal: Evergreens make a nice year-round addition to your landscaping, adding to the overall beauty of your house. Evergreen landscaping done right can improve curb appeal and raise the value of a home.

 Evergreens provides a classic and beautiful solution for front yard privacy, whether they are employed as a living fence, a screen for an ugly view, or just to create a more private outdoor space. Evergreens are great for front yards and side/ corner lots. 

Ever Green trees are perfect for around pools, yards, etc. While you can still have the required fencing, the ever greens grow high, allowing for a private area while still keeping security. - Glen Cove Tree Service.

When using evergreen trees on a corner lot, you can have a small, regulation fence installed,  but also add along it, evergreens. These quick-growing trees can provide privacy when the fence provides security. Keep dogs in and pests out with the fence and keep people from looking in. 

These evergreen trees are also good for around pool areas. Regulations require that you have a fence around a pool, but you can also put up evergreens to enhance the beauty and make the pool area seem like an oasis. 

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