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If you are looking for a tree service near you, we are for you ;-) We are your local, hometown North Shore tree service specialists.


Welcome to Glen Cove Tree Service.  We are available for tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, and tree cutting and are certified tree doctors and surgeons.


If you have an issue with any tree on your property or your neighbor’s property, we are here to help.  Everything from tree cutting often referred to as felling, or pruning, we hope you will choose our services above the rest because we want to be your number one choice for years to come.

Serving not only  Glen Cove but the surrounding areas of the Gold Coast of Long Island- Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Locust Valley, Greenvale, Oyster Bay, Muttontown, Old Brookville, and Garden City NY. 


We don’t just want to cut and run; we want you to come back to us for all your tree-trimming needs for years to come for all your tree service needs. We are your neighbors and we hope to have a long-term relationship with you and be your favorite tree removal company and business. We are servicing your neighbors near you. Covering not only Glen Cove, but all of the North Shore of Long Island. Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Locust Valley, Old Westbury and Oyster Bay. 

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Ever greens- Arborvitae-  used for privacy  Glen Cove Tree Service
Trimmed trees - Glen Cove Tree Service

Proper Tree Trimming Helps Your Grass and plants grow better... 

Proper tree trimming can have a great effect on your overall yard maintenance. While shade is a good thing, too much shade, as you can imagine, can cause the smaller plants, flowers, shrubs and such to suffer. Grass needs plenty of sunlight, and without having your trees properly trimmed on a regular basis, it can cause damage.

Trees need care... Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall… so don’t delay- call today.

NO JOB TOO BIG- Glen Cove Tree Service.HEIC

Safety First

Safety of your home and property

A key element of safety, which we take very seriously, is the safety of your home and property. We have been doing this for a very long time. For every project, from tree trimming to the felling of an entire tree, we make sure that every step and ever drop is calculated.

When doing a full tree removal, we use advanced cables, ropes and guides to ensure that when we cut a branch, limb, or any portion of a tree, we guide each piece safely to the earth, slowly and precisely. During the tree removal process, we cut from the top to bottom, in exact sized pieces. Once a piece is cut, we lower it to the ground making sure it falls exactly where we want it to go, away from any buildings or structures.

Landscaping and Your Trees

We love trees and whenever possible we strive to maintain and preserve your landscape; however, occasionally full tree removal is necessary. If a tree has become diseased to the point that it can’t be saved, it may be necessary to remove the tree altogether.  Our tree service specialists will evaluate the tree and determine if it is a hazard to keep it.

Our tree removal cost is reasonable and our team of experts is cautious about the removal. When removing a tree we make sure that the entire area is coronated off and there is no danger of the possibility of any damage to your property or belongings. When performing any tree service strive to make sure that safety standards are adhered to during every step of the tree removal process. Call us for details and a free estimate for any job, large or small.

Glen Cove Tree Service
Weeping widow- Glen Cove Tree Service

Tree Evaluation Experts

We aren’t bashful to say it, we are proud, we are experts in this filed. We don’t just cut down trees, we evaluate the best possible care for trees, before we consider cutting them down. If it is at all possible for a tree service to relocate the tree, trim the tree or a similar solution, we’ll make that recommendation to you.

We also work within all local tree ordnance requirements, including Glen Cove, Sea Cliff and Oyster Bay. We will file all permits necessary on your behalf and work with the municipalities to make sure that all laws are adhered to.

Serving Glen Cove and the surrounding communities and
villages of Nassau and Suffolk County.

freshcutfirewooddryingfor thefollowingyearglencovetreeservice.JPG

Seasoned Firewood Available

We not only cut and trim trees but we are also believers in complete recycling and that mean turning every part of the tree into a usable resource.

We take the tree back to our yard and cut them into perfectly sized logs for fireplaces, wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts. Once cut to size we stack the firewood in our seasoning racks allowing the wood to cure to perfection. The result is dried, ready to burn material that will burn perfectly in any setting and any fireplace, stove or firepit.  

With this resource we are able to offer to our customers perfect firewood at reasonable prices. Weather you need a cord, a half cord, or even a few pieces, we have the firewood for you. Call for availability, pricing and delivery requests

Wood Chips For Garden

We have plenty of wood chips available to our customers which help to make perfect mulch for gardens, walk areas, play areas, etc. Call us for details and for information about wood chip delivery to your garden.

For gardeners looking for efficient mulching options, wood chips have grown to be a well-liked and environmentally beneficial option.  These are recycled chips from our tree removal serviceThese little pieces of wood, made from branches, twigs, and logs, have several advantages for landscaping and plant beds. When applied correctly, wood chips have a substantial positive impact on soil health, moisture retention, weed control, and the creation of a healthy garden environment.

The benefits of using wood chips as a mulch

One of the main advantages of utilizing wood chips in the garden is their capacity to hold moisture. Wood chips serve as a barrier that prevents water evaporation when they are applied to the soil surface and around plants. This promotes healthy plant growth and lessens the need for regular watering by keeping the soil continuously moist, even during hot and dry spells.

Wood chips provide a natural barrier that prevents weed development. They lessen competition between weeds and attractive plants by obstructing sunlight and creating a physical barrier for weed seeds. By reducing the amount of time and effort required for frequent weeding, this benefits gardeners.

Wood chips function as insulators and aid in the control of soil temperature. They help to keep the soil cooler in hot season and offer some defense against freezing temperatures in colder weather. The moderate temperature promotes the best circumstances for microbial activity and root growth.

Wood chips enrich the soil by introducing organic matter as they decompose over time. As a result of the decomposition process, vital nutrients are released, improving soil fertility and plant health in general. The microbial activity that the wood chips promote as they rot improves soil structure and nutrient availability.

Application of wood chips to sloped regions successfully stops soil erosion. They produce a shield that keeps soil in place and prevents runoff and the loss of priceless topsoil.

Beautiful Aesthetics: In addition to their utilitarian advantages, wood chips give garden beds and landscaping a natural and rustic appearance. They work well with varied plantings and go well with different garden types, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor areas.

The Best Ways to Use Wood Chips

Take into account the following best practices to get the most out of using wood chips in your garden:

Application technique: To avoid moisture-related problems, spread a layer of wood chips around plants, keeping them away from the plant stems. Apply a mulch layer that is approximately 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) thick for best effects.

Avoid Piling: To prevent moisture buildup and root rot, don't pile thick mulch around the bases of trees or bushes. Instead, ring the plant with a uniform layer of wood chips in the shape of a doughnut.

Maintain Depth: Over time, wood chips will compact and break down as they decompose. To keep the mulch layer at the correct thickness and efficacy, replenish it annually.

Use Older Wood Chips: As they decompose, fresh wood chips can momentarily bind nitrogen in the soil. Use old or partially composted wood chips to prevent this.

Wood chips are a great and sustainable mulching option because they have a variety of advantages for gardens and landscaping projects. Wood chips prove to be a useful ally for gardeners looking to cultivate thriving and beautiful outdoor spaces by preserving moisture, reducing weeds, enriching the soil, and contributing to a visually appealing garden.



Stump Grinding

We don’t only trim and do tree removal. If you’d like, we can make sure that we take care of the entire project, with complete stump grinding and filling of the soil around the removed area. We have some of the best tools available in the industry for stump removal including smaller yet powerful stump grinders that will get into the tightest and trickiest of places. We’re up for the challenge, give us a call and let us evaluate the location. Large hills, deep valleys, around stonework, in tight corners… no problem, we can make it happen. If you are finding that trees are affecting your sidewalks or driveway it may be time to take care of the tree before it’s too late and it causes irreversible damage. If a sidewalk is lifted due to a tree it can create cracks in the concrete and a tripping hazard.

Large stump by Glen Cove Tree Service

How To Cut Down A Tree

First, we remove all limbs all the way from top to bottom of the tree, and using carefully secured lines, we lower each limb. Once the entire tree trunk is cleared of the limbs, we begin carefully cutting the tree into secured-sized sections before full tree removal. Each section is cut into manageable sections. With the lines, they are lowered to the ground slowly. Whenever possible we never allow a tree to fall, as the possibility of the tree hitting a home, structure, or person is increased with the uncertainty of the fall zone.

We are a licensed and insured full-service tree surgeon. We work with and are approved by all municipalities on Long Island from the North Shore to the South Shore.

Tree by water- Glen Cove Tree Service

All About Trees

healthy tree going into fall- Glen Cove Tree Service

Tree Leave Colors

On the North Shore of Long Island and throughout New York State we enjoy a beautiful array of colors from the many different trees. The color the trees change to, whether it be red, orange, yellow or amber. These colors are the natural color. In the summer the leaves are green from Chlorophyll, (pigments from cyanobacteria) which helps the trees to absorb sunlight. The green leaves are actually hiding the other colors. In the autumn, with less sunlight the trees then take the nutrients stored in their leaves pulling them into the roots. During this time is when you can see the true colors of the trees, without the green camouflage. Once the trees turn brown and fall, they have lost all their pigments.

Exposed roots of tree- Glen Cove Tree Service

Roots Above Ground?

Tree roots that are appearing above the ground can be a problem, not only for your landscape but also for any concrete, paving, brickwork that can end up lifting. The exposed roots are usually due to erosion of the soil around the tree. The tree will not, on its own, decide to expose its roots  What to do? We recommend that you don’t at this point simply add soil. The added soil can suffocate the roots. We suggest that you add mulch over the exposed limb, this is the most cost-effective remedy which will cover the roots from the sunlight yet still allow the roots to absorb the water. Be sure to secure the soil though using a border of bricks, rocks or wood. Best borders that will last include metal, recycled rubber edging, paver stones, or you can simply shovel the edges creating a mote of sorts. There are also cedar shingles available that will work as well depending on the area you are seeking to contain.

lichen growth glen cove treeservice

Common Tree Disease and problems

Just like humans, trees can develop health issues including infections, that can affect their wellbeing and stress the tree. If left untreated tree sickness can result in the tree not growing properly, lose its limbs and possibly lead to the tree dying. Throughout the North Shore of Long Island trees are subject to a vast array of weather elements. From snow, to droit, to harsh winds and storms; All of these issues, if not properly evaluated and diagnosed, can cause tree death.

Lack of water, for example, is often a common issue for tree destress and issues.

How to tell if the tree is lacking water

Irrigation for the trees around your property is often difficult… If there has been a long period of time with a lack of rain, see if your trees are showing these signs: If the leaves seem to wilt, and look yellow or brown along the ends. Obviously, the leaves will turn colors in the fall, but if it seems to be happening too early, it may be that the tree needs to be hydrated.

The earth around the tree should be moist at all times, dry clay-like or dust-dry dirt on the surface is a sure sign that the dirt at the roots is not wet enough for the tree’s roots. On the other hand, too much water can also be an issue. If you find the area muddy or wet, the tree is not drinking the water, and could, in effect be actually drowning and too much water can lead to the roots rotting. This detreating of the roots can ultimately lead to the death of the root system and the tree. Remember, too much water is as bad as too little. Younger, recently planted trees and saplings, require more water in the beginning, to help the tree establish its roots. If the tree is young it will require more frequent watering by you above and beyond the rain it may be receiving.

We, along with other arborists, recommend that you water a new tree at least two times a week. When the tree is new the tree’s roots are close to the service and therefore require surface water. Later, when the roots are able to dig themselves deeper, they will get water from the earth, which they often prefer. If you fear that the tree won’t be able to get sufficient water at that level you can add a deep root irrigation system or drip system. Feel free to reach out to us regarding these products.

The trees on Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk County,  are subject to an array of weather conditions, from freezing cold to souring tempters. Although most species of trees are able to adapt, they may need your helping hand to prosper. Once the tree is mature, most likely the tree will be able to get the proper amount of water, sun, and nutrition from the soil on its own. If you have questions feel free to give us a call, we’ll be happy to take a look at your trees and determine what course of action is required to help the tree last for generations to come. Especially with mature, older trees especially older trees, need tree trimming. On the North Shore of Long Island, we have many trees nearly 100 years old or more. Proper tree trimming and care are important in keeping these local treasures around and not having to do tree removal.  They give us oxygen, and shade and provide shelter for local wildlife, we strive to take care of them. 

Each tree is different, not only in its appearance but also in the care they require.  If you are in a new home and need help determining the types of trees around your property, we’d be happy to help with any information you might need. Feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to establish a relationship.

Tree Trimming, Glen Cove Tree Service

For many years, Glen Cove and its surrounding communities have been served by Glen Cove Tree Service, a reputable and trustworthy business. They specialize in tree care and have built a strong reputation for offering professional tree-trimming services that improve the local landscape's beauty, health, and safety.

The Science and Art of Tree Trimming

Tree service is both an art and a science; it involves more than just chopping off branches. The arborists at Glen Cove Tree Service are aware of this precarious balance and take a cautious and considerate approach to every tree pruning work.

Expert Arborists: The Glen Cove Tree Service team is made up of highly qualified and certified arborists that have a thorough knowledge of the biology and growth patterns of trees. A customized trimming plan can be made using their extensive knowledge and experience to successfully meet each tree's individual needs.

Tree Service which includes deliberate pruning to remove dead, diseased, or broken branches rather than just cutting branches at random. The arborists can enhance the tree's general health and look by carefully deciding which branches to prune, encouraging new development and lowering the danger of disease.

Enhancing Aesthetics: Trees are essential to any property's visual appeal. Glen Cove Tree Service's knowledgeable experts are proficient at shaping trees to accentuate their inherent beauty while making sure they blend in with the surrounding scenery. To produce an outcome that is aesthetically pleasing and balanced, they take into account the species, size, and growth pattern of the tree.

The Advantages of Expert Tree Trimming

Regular professional tree trimming has a number of advantages for both trees and property owners:

Trees that are healthier: By eliminating dead or diseased branches, the tree's general well-being is enhanced. This makes the tree more resistant to pests and diseases as well as environmental challenges.

Enhanced Safety: Hazards from overgrown branches can arise, particularly in storms or strong winds. Branch falls that harm the property or threaten people are less likely with adequate trimming.

Increased Sunlight and Airflow: By deliberately pruning branches and thinning the canopy, the lower branches of the tree and the nearby flora receive more sunlight. This lowers the possibility of fungus problems by encouraging healthy growth and enhancing air circulation.

Improved Aesthetics: A properly manicured tree appears more beautiful and raises the property's value. It improves curb appeal and makes a beautiful landscape. 

Client-Centered Approach

The philosophy behind Glen Cove Tree Service is to put the needs of the client first. They put a high priority on client happiness and work hard to outperform expectations on each job. When you work with Glen Cove Tree Service to trim your trees, you can anticipate:

Professional Consultation: Their staff will carefully assess your trees and offer knowledgeable guidance on the best trimming strategy to suit your individual requirements.

Safety precautions: A high focus is always given to ensuring the safety of their staff, your property, and the environment at large. They carry out the trimming process securely by following stringent safety procedures and utilizing cutting-edge machinery.

Dependable service: Glen Cove Tree Service values dependability and punctuality. They will show up on time and finish the trimming job quickly and accurately without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, Glen Cove Tree Service is the top option in the area if you're seeking knowledgeable arborists that can handle your tree-trimming needs with accuracy and care. They are the go-to company for tree care services in Glen Cove because of their experience, attention to safety, and focus on client pleasure.

We are Tree Care Experts

Glen Cove Tree Service is your premier source for tree care.

We at Glen Cove Tree Service are proud to be the area's top tree care specialists. Our team of expert arborists and tree specialists is committed to exceeding your expectations with superior tree services and tree trimming. We are dedicated to providing excellent solutions for all your tree care needs because of our many years of knowledge and love for protecting Glen Cove's landscape.

Why Choose Glen Cove Tree Service...

Professionals with High Skill Levels: Our staff is made up of arborists and tree care experts that have completed thorough training and have years of experience in tree service and tree removal. They are skilled in the most cutting-edge methods for caring for trees and have a thorough understanding of tree biology.

Modern Tools: We make investments in state-of-the-art tools to carry out our tree services effectively and securely. Our equipment enables us to perform projects of any size precisely and with little interference to your property.

Customer-Centric Approach: At Glen Cove Tree Service, we place a high value on keeping our clients happy. We pay attention to your needs, evaluate your particular requirements, and then customize our services to fit your needs and price range.

Safety First: The foundation of all of our operations is safety. To protect your property, our employees' safety, and the safety of your loved ones, our crew adheres to strict safety regulations.

Licensed and Insured: Our tree service business has the necessary licenses and insurance. Knowing that you are working with experts who follow industry standards and laws might give you peace of mind.

Environmentally Responsible: As experts in tree care, we recognize the value of protecting the environment. In all of our operations, we use environmentally friendly procedures and work to reduce our carbon impact.

For any of your tree care needs, get in touch with Glen Cove Tree Service immediately. In addition to assuring the security and aesthetic appeal of your property, our team of qualified experts is prepared to improve the beauty and health of your trees. Let's work together to preserve Glen Cove's natural environment for future generations. For a consultation and a free estimate, call us right now.

Lichens on Trees

The greenish or gray powdery-looking growth on your tree may be lichens, a moss-like algae. This crusty growth on branches and trunks is not harmless. 

Algae-  on tree Glen Cove Tree Service

Bamboo Removal

Have Bamboo in Your Yard? Have Bamboo taken OVER your yard?
Glen Cove Tree Service specializes in Bamboo Removal and can help address the challenges of bamboo overgrowth on your property. Serving the community of Glen Cove and surrounding areas in Long Island, New York, we bring expertise, precision, and eco-friendly practices to effectively tackle and eliminate invasive bamboo species.

Bamboo 2- Glen Cove Tree Service

The Bamboo Challenge: Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and invasive nature, and can quickly become a nuisance on residential and commercial properties. Left alone, bamboo can infiltrate neighboring plant life, and gardens, damage structures, and compromise the overall health of your landscape. At Glen Cove Tree Service, we understand the specific challenges associated with bamboo control and removal, and we are here to help you.

bamboo- Glen Cove Tree Service

We use the lates, advanced techniques and specialized equipment to effectively extract bamboo roots and rhizomes, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution. Our goal is not just to get rid of the visible bamboo shoots but to address the root system, preventing regrowth and restoring the integrity of your landscape. If you don’t address the root system, bamboo will quickly re-appear as well as damage your other plant life.

Environmentally Friendly Practices: Glen Cove Tree Service is committed to eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our tree care services and that includes bamboo removal. We utilize environmentally safe methods and disposal practices to minimize our impact on the surrounding areas.

Site Assessment and Customized Solutions: Every property is unique, and bamboo infestations require a tailored approach. Our experts conduct a thorough site review to understand the extent of the bamboo invasion, assess potential risks, and develop a customized removal plan. This ensures that our services are precisely aligned with the specific needs of your property.

Preventing Future Growth: Beyond removal, we strive to prevent future bamboo growth. We offer expert advice on landscape management, barrier installation, and ongoing maintenance practices to safeguard your property against the re-emergence of invasive bamboo species.

Licensed and Insured Professionals: Choose Glen Cove Tree Service with confidence, knowing that our team consists of licensed and insured professionals dedicated to the highest standards of safety and excellence. We prioritize the well-being of your property and the satisfaction of our clients in every bamboo removal project we undertake.

Contact Us for Expert Bamboo Removal: If you're grappling with bamboo invasion on your property in Glen Cove or Long Island, NY, trust Glen Cove Tree Service to provide expert bamboo removal solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our specialized services can make in restoring the health and beauty of your landscape.

Bamboo 4- Glen Cove Tree Service
Bamboo 3- Glen Cove Tree Service
Bamboo- Glen Cove Tree Service

  We don’t have a lot of trees on our property but we do use these guys for cut firewood. It was perfect!  It urned great in our wood-burning fireplace.
Delivery was clean and simple and the pieces were cut perfectly to fit into our small stove. Thank you guys- you kept us warm this winter!

Firewood- Glen Cove Tree Service
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